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Sturgis Chiropractic Reviews

A smiling woman holding her hands in the shape of a heart.What Our Patients Say

At Sturgis Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Transformative Holistic Care

Dr. Stuart Johnson at Sturgis Chiropractic goes above and beyond standard chiropractic care. He focuses on holistic care, using his depth of knowledge to align the spine long term, not simply provide temporary relief. I’ve had chiropractic care for 15 years and none of my past chiropractors could adjust my upper back and because of this, I had regular pinched nerves in my upper back. My past chiropractors told me my upper back was too locked up. Dr. Johnson has been able to not only adjust it but start to correct the curve in my spine, and I no longer have pinched nerves in my upper back. My migraines are gone due to the alignments he does in my neck. And my lower back and hips are healthy and aligned without pain.

~ Megan

Optimal Pediatric Care

For my kids, Dr. Johnson keeps them healthy through regular adjustments to boost their immune systems, help clear their sinuses due to allergies/illness, help adjust them to improve digestion, and has helped my kids with various injuries due to sports. Their healing time after injuries is faster than doctors expect because of Dr. Johnson’s adjustments.

~ Sturgis

Exceptional Dedication and Quality Care

Our family values Dr. Johnson’s dedication to his practice and the quality of care he gives. His long-term approach should be utilized by all chiropractors!

~ SD


Jace has gone from being very angry and self injuries as part of his autism to being a more calm kid since beginning chiropractic care. The adjustments have become a part of his health routine keeping all of his systems in check. It has helped focus his brain so he’s not so over stimulated and has helped with his digestive complications.

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He has come very far from his first chiropractic visit where he didn’t really want to be touched to now being ready to go as soon as we are in the room letting Dr. Johnson get to work.

If your child has autism give this a try! Getting all the nerves working together helps in so many aspects where they may be blocked causing issues like digestion and overall brain health and stimulation.

Dr. Johnson has taken it upon himself to become very knowledgeable about autism and studies, etc. Even giving us new information that he finds may help us. He is also always listening to what we are doing and never pushes us to do anything we don’t want.

I thought my son would never to be able to let the Dr. touch him but now he can’t wait to just get in and get done. Don’t be scared to try something different. It could work out to be the best thing for your child!

Everyone treats Jace with courtesy at Sturgis Chiropractic and never judges!


In regards to my fibromyalgia, I would have flare ups where my joints would hurt and muscles would spasm. Since beginning chiropractic care with Dr. Johnson I haven’t had a flare up for a long time!

I couldn’t sit at my office chair very long at all without being extremely uncomfortable with back and fibromyalgia pains. Sitting a longer period of time isn’t as big of problem anymore with the adjustments. I would often get headaches as well that have resolved with chiropractic care.

My mid-back, neck and lower back issues have been a problem forever and have felt much better with chiropractic adjustments. Since seeing Dr. Johnson, my neck and lower back are feeling a lot better. The “Hump” I had in my mid to upper back has all but disappeared!

I would recommend a visit with Dr. Johnson, and I have, to anyone who is having fibromyalgia or back problems.



This is a work in progress. The problems I have experienced still occur intermittently. However, what was once nearly a daily is now a more manageable occurrence. The targeted work by Dr. Johnson on my lumbar spine has made a vast difference in my day to day living.
The “ambush” attacks of colonic incontinence are almost zero!

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As I said, my problems with bowel incontinence and pain has been around for several decades. It is hard to pin point its onset, which goes back to my high school and college days from 1947-1954.

What I would say to a friend or family member who is curious about chiropractic care: It can save time and office visits to other health care professionals that bring no solution. It probably saved me exploratory surgery!

Dr. Johnson is not your run-of-the-mill “bone-wrencher”. He is bright, studied and values research and technology. He earnestly searches for an effective method of treatment!

Wellness Care

I am positive that I would not be as healthy and happy as I am today, if it were not for the care of Sturgis Chiropractic that I receive on a monthly or bimonthly basis.

When I came in for care 15 years ago I hurt through most of my body and had numbness into my feet. On my first visit we took x-rays and discovered at the age of 45 that I had a tremendous amount of arthritis throughout my spine and joints. My father’s health was declining at a young age and I did not want to go down that path.

The results from the chiropractic care were immediate after the first visit.
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I highly recommend Dr. Stuart Johnson! Give him 3 months and he will change your life!!
The treatment is professional, thorough, kind, gentle and informative.

Aligning your neck and spine is so important for your entire health. Ask questions and seek advice. They’ll listen to you. Chiropractic care is so much more than adjusting a sore back! If you want to be at your best get aligned and adjusted every few weeks, and you’ll notice the difference in your health!

My entire family sees Dr. Johnson @ Sturgis Chiropractic. He’s amazing!!

Thank you for my health back!


For forty plus years I was a tough guy with a back breaking job. I would frequently be the victim of severe spinal problems. I would seek professional help and when the symptoms were relieved, I did nothing to maintain my well-being. I would push my body to the extreme until I returned to “normal”. Normal was defined as a state of severe pain and misery.

By the time I dragged myself into Dr. Johnson’s Clinic, sometime in 2010, I was nearly at the end of my mobility. My right leg was numb. My entire back was in pain. After the first few treatments I noticed enough improvement to become very hopeful! Each treatment brought on more comfort and more hope!

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I have undergone several urological problems and been pronounced free of cancer in the bladder and more recently the prostate. I underwent 29 days of radiation treatment of the prostate. This procedure I underwent with hardly any of the anticipated side effects. I attribute that to improved nerve function as a result of my adjustments. Contrariwise I think that had I received spinal repair, aka adjustments, at an earlier time the problems I’ve experienced would have been either less extreme or nonexistent.

In the early 16th century a fellow by the name of Ponce-de-Leo`n initiated a global search for a fountain of youth. I believe I have found it!

As I write this, I am preparing to venture forth to do some more of my back-breaking labor with nearly 59 years-experience. I feel like regular chiropractic care has given and It’s giving me a second chance at life!

Cluster Headaches

I have had really bad cluster headaches which make me nautious and gives me terrible pain around my eye. After going to the chiropractor they tend to go away a lot quicker and they don’t seem to come on as often.

Chiropractic care has also helped to lessen my back and neck stress that I get with my job. We have worked hard to reduce the roundedness in my shoulders and improve the curve into my neck.

I tell people all the time to see a chiropractor. I see one every 2 weeks to keep my back healthy, especially with my job which does a lot of bending and lifting. Chiropractic has helped to reduce a lot of my lower back pain.

Dr. Johnson is very honest about what he thinks will be the best options for keeping the pain from returning. Everyone is very nice at the clinic! Don’t stop going just because you’re not in pain, keep going so it never comes back!


Above and Beyond My Highest Expectations

Rarely do I take the time to write a testimonial for my medical providers. However, I feel compelled to take a few minutes to share my thoughts about my care with Dr. Stuart Johnson. Several years ago, while mowing the lawn, I injured my back. There seemed little western medicine could do, other than offer more and more medications. I decided to take a chance and meet with a chiropractor.

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Dr. Johnson was assigned to my case. He ordered X rays, nerve scans and completed a thorough history. Little did I know at the time that many of the problems I had been experiencing for years (back problems, digestive disorders and tension/migraine headaches) were actually related to severe spinal misalignment. Dr. Johnson was honest evidenced by his forthrightness in letting me know it would take considerable time investments on both our parts to correct the multiple identified problems and develop healthier lifestyle habits. Dr. Johnson has the ability to make his clients feel part of the chiropractic family. He demonstrates care and compassion by always inquiring how my family members are doing. Kudos to his office/assistants as they are always polite, kind and easy to work with.

Dr. Johnson’s approach to care has gone above and beyond my highest expectations. One of the best decisions I made in my life was to take a chance and try chiropractic care. To this date both Dr. Johnson and I have remained committed to keeping my spine properly aligned. I am well aware of the ripple effect, so if this testimony helps one person take a chance and try chiropractic care, I have no doubt their quality of life will improve greatly. For me, I feel blessed I crossed paths with Dr. J.


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