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Sturgis Chiropractic Additional Reviews

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Five years ago, I set up an appointment with Dr. Stuart Johnson at Sturgis Chiropractic. I was 53 years old and had fallen down while watering my dogs. This wasn’t the first time my vertigo had caused a fall. Over the last decade, I have fallen off my horse while he was standing still, tipped out of my desk chair, fallen into walls, tipped over while getting out of bed, and had motion sickness while driving or riding in a vehicle. I had a traumatic abdominal injury and several surgeries when I was 18 and was infected with the West Nile Virus in 2002. I was resigned to the belief this was my “new normal.”

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In retrospect, I realize there were episodes of vertigo, dizziness, nausea, visual field disturbances, an inability to remain upright, disrupted sleep patterns, migraines, fatigue, inability to regulate temperature, anxiety, episodes of generalized weakness, mood swings, breathing difficulties associated with allergies and asthma, chemical and strong odor sensitivity, and overactive senses related to noise, motion sickness and light sensitivity that trace back to my early childhood. I had learned to live with the symptoms but I was giving up a lot—showing horses, riding horseback on our ranch to check cattle, avoiding social situations because of the possibility of an asthma attack due to perfumes, taking the dogs for walks, driving except for work, and much more. I found a lot of excuses to avoid social situations because I was exhausted from trying to function throughout the day.

I’m not sure why “the dog watering incident” caused me to make that first chiropractic appointment; however, I am so thankful that I did. It has been a slow journey to wellness but Dr. Johnson is successfully treating my dysautonomia. I have fewer episodes of dizziness, markedly fewer episodes of overactive senses, my breathing has improved, migraines are rare, my sleep patterns are normalized and I can ride my horse.
My life has substantially improved through consistent chiropractic care. My only regret is that it took me so long to set up that first appointment with Dr. Johnson.


My name is Amanda and this is my testimony:

In my teen years, I never went a cold season without some type of upper respiratory infection. I used to have a cold regularly throughout the winter months. When I got to college, I spent many afternoons in the doctor’s office with some type of sinus infection or earache, sometimes bronchitis. They would just write up a prescription or give me a shot right there in the office, depending on how bad the infection was. At one point, the doctor noticed I had become a regular patient and referred me to the Ear-Nose-Throat specialist (ENT). I wasn’t sleeping well, I was easily winded and worn out in practice, my diet had downsized because I couldn’t eat. It was awful. The ENT said it was the worst case of tonsillitis he had ever seen. My right tonsil had gotten to be the size of a golf ball, and the left wasn’t much smaller than that. Over the course of two or three weeks, I went back twice, maybe three times, for the ENT to remove a large syringe-worth of infected fluid from my tonsils each time before he decided he had enough. I didn’t realize how miserable I felt until I had my tonsils removed. My tonsillitis had stopped, but I was still getting regular bronchitis and an occasional earache. It was just something I learned to live with. Infection, medicate, repeat.

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My husband has always been an advocate for chiropractic care, going to appointments on a regular basis. I had never been. I was skeptical of the results. In February 2010, while working as a bank teller, I woke up one morning with what felt like a softball between my shoulder blades. My husband told me to make an appointment so I called and got in that day. Dr Johnson took x-rays, saw what the issue was and we agreed on a regimen to address the problem areas. My posture had already (at age 30) progressed to slightly-humped shoulders and a straight-forward neck; my natural curve had disappeared and I was headed for a scary arthritic future. I went back every couple weeks, sometimes twice a week, until I was back to feeling well again. Over time, my adjustments were stretched out to three week intervals, my winter respiratory infections had completely disappeared, and I was finally sleeping better too. He had taken the time to explain to me what the issue was, educate me on what was causing it and why I made the right choice in seeking chiropractic care. He recognized the symptoms and understood how being an athlete my entire life had contributed to the issues, but he also knew what needed to be done in order to set me on the right and healthy path. It wasn’t all about skeletal correction; diet, sleep habits, posture and ergonomics played a part in my well-being. These were things I hadn’t known had contributed to my health concerns.

My kids have also been regular chiropractic patients. In his toddler years, my oldest had been highly susceptible to ear infections every winter, at that age when he was too young yet to tell us what was wrong when he hurt. So again, we’d go to the doctor, get a prescription, and go back in a matter of weeks. At the last appointment I remember seeing the doctor, she said to us, another ear infection and we’ll have to put tubes in his ears. That was not an option for me; I was adamant that it wasn’t going to happen. So as I lay on the adjustment table at one of my regular appointments, Dr Johnson asked me how the family was and I told him about my son. He was deeply concerned, as he immediately recognized the signs of my son traveling down the same path I had so many years ago. He suggested I bring him in with me, let him check him over and see what he might be able to do for him. I was hesitant to bring my toddler for an adjustment, but I brought him in for a consultation. Dr Johnson gave him a quick “baby adjustment” and off we went. That was just the start.

I can proudly say that since taking my oldest to see Dr Johnson about nine years ago, my son has not had one earache or upper respiratory infection of any kind. My daughter now sees Dr Johnson as well. She has never had any sort of ENT infection either. I too can count on one hand how many colds I have had since I started seeing Dr Johnson. We all are walking billboards for chiropractic care and I tell everyone to see what chiropractic care might do for them. I always share my story, because had I known then what I know now, I might be in even better health than I already am, and by sharing my experience, someone else who is suffering from the same symptoms might be encouraged to consider looking into chiropractic care. My elderly years are going to be spent in better health because of what I’ve done in the last nine. I don’t regret the things I’ve learned by going to the chiropractor. I now go straight to the chiropractor when I feel a cold coming on, or wake up with a dreaded headache; I can’t even remember the last time I was in to see a doctor. I may use some Dayquil or Nyquil once in a while but it’s not much nor do I have to take it very long. Dr Johnson has treated me and my kids with the best care and the utmost respect, in regards to our health and wellness. I am not a big fan of using pain medications or antibiotics but we are in overall great health. And I truly believe that I owe that all to our chiropractic treatments.


At age 34 and active, I thought I was fairly healthy aside from the fact that I was on the highest dose of two medicines to manage my blood sugar. I visited Dr. Johnson after having some jaw and neck pain following a camping trip. After my first adjustment, I was amazed to wake up the next morning and spring out of bed standing straight up, rather than needing to slowly roll out of bed and stretch myself into standing. It was approximately a year later, after watching my blood sugar levels drop without making any other changes to my life, that my regular doctor cut my medications in half. I absolutely recommend Dr. Johnson to everyone!



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